Short Home Care Visits
from £19 Per Hour

Short Home Care Visits throughout
Hertfordshire and in Luton

At Compassion Care Agency, as well as live-in care, we also offer short home care visits, where a professional carer visits an elderly person in their own home to provide support to allow the elderly person to live independently.  Our care visits can last from 30 minutes to 2 hours or longer, when it’s needed. This type of care is also referred to as domiciliary care. 

We provide short home care visits to many locations in Hertfordshire and to Luton. Our clients can continue to eat their favourite hot meals, prepared individually for them, without them having to choose from a limited menu. Our team of experienced professional live-in carers are trained to give specialist care for a range of complex illnesses and disabilities.

What Does the Short Home Care
Visit Service Include?

A carer visits the home of the elderly person and helps them with personal hygiene and personal care helping them with washing and showering, continence care, getting dressed, doing housework, including light cleaning and laundry and ironing, going shopping, preparing meals, assisting clients to take their medicine, helping them to get ready for bed, as required. 

We can provide companionship for elderly people with minimum needs, in their own home and we can accompany them on visits outside the home. For a frail or disabled elderly person we will offer support with personal care. Some clients just want one or two visits a day – perhaps a 45-minute or one-hour morning visit and an hour lunchtime visit.

Other clients may need help getting to bed and may require 3 or 4 visits a day and perhaps an extra visit once or twice a week for shopping and laundry. A morning visit might include helping the elderly person to get up and get washed and dressed as well as preparing breakfast for them and giving them their prescribed medication and leaving them with a hot drink. A lunchtime visit might include preparing a hot lunch and giving the elderly person their prescribed medication and doing some light housework and leaving them with a hot drink.

An early evening visit might include preparing supper and giving the elderly person their prescribed medication and leaving them with a hot drink. A late evening visit might include helping the elderly person get ready for bed and putting them in bed. Sometimes a client may need a chaperone to accompany them to a dental or hospital appointment.

How much does a Short
Home Care Visit Cost?

Home care visits can be very flexible.  We are happy to provide carers for care visits, lasting as short as 30 minutes, as well as for a morning or an afternoon or a day.  Most regular visits last 30 minutes, 45 minutes or an hour.

We also offer short care visits in Hertfordshire and in Luton:

  • From £12.50 for a 30 minute care visit
  • From £17 for a 45 minute care visit
  • From £19 for an hour visit.
  • From £38 for a two-hour visit.

We cannot tell you precisely how much a care visit will cost for your loved one, until we have found out what care they need. For example, some people will need two carers rather than just one.  That’s why we carry out assessments where we visit you and your loved one in their own home and have a chat to work out how much care they need.

We might be the cheapest domiciliary care agency serving Hertfordshire.  Certainly, we are not aware of any Hertfordshire care agency charging less than us and we encourage you to compare our fees with at least two other care agencies.

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